Useful ways to dispose your old mattress


You have an old mattress and you are having a mind to change that thing as it is no longer comfortable. Then, there are many ways to get rid of that old piece without filling up the landfill. Here you can have some valuable tips; by using some of these methods given below you can very positively put an end to your old mattress in need of time. Here are some tips for getting rid of your old bedding.

Charity work

There are many charities you will find around that they would be happy to have your old mattresses, especially if they are still in decent condition. Mainly they will try to use it in two ways; one is that charities will resell it to raise funds for their foundation; on the other hand they will provide it to a person or family in need.

Sell out and earn cash


Now there are plenty of ways to connect with people who are in need of buying products and are willing to buy them in used condition. During the last decade,the popularity of online classified ads, social media sales, and trade groups as well as other online selling resources, has got a huge boost. Now social media is the best way to trade these types of products. If you want to sell your old bedding, one of these resources could be a great way to get it out of your house while making a few bucks in the process.

If you are not having any intention of making any money, you can simply offer it up for free. You will surely get many people contacting you for this kind of products. Be sure to include a caveat that they must have their own transportation and have the ability to move it themselves.

Raise your hands for animals

When your mattress has reached its limit  that it is no longer usable for anyone to sleep on, you can donate it to an animal shelter. There are many shelters who will take your old bedding, especially for really large dogs. Because large dog bedding is expensive and often difficult to come by, so they would welcome your donation with open paws.

Recycle it

This is another useful way that can come handy. When bed reaches its full potential and there is no real use to anyone any longer, you may want to consider having it recycled. As most of their materials are organic, mattresses are easily recycled. Since they can be so large and cumbersome, see if it can be picked up so you won’t have to transport it to the recycling center yourself.

Help for the homeless


You will definitely find some homeless people around you who are always in need of bedding. For them a mattress would be very helpful. Your initiative will encourage people around you, and it will be a great help for humanity. While you’re donating your mattress, if possible, then send your old comforters and sheets as well.

You can try any of these methods to dispose of old mattresses. You will certainly find it useful. Also, these are great ways to protect the planet while benefiting someone else. Hence, you can help a person, group, pet, the planet and ultimately yourself.